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I Have a Confession

I have a confession… I love food. Not a big stretch, right? But when I say I love food, I mean I love the tastes, textures, colors, smells, history, and cultural importance of food. It is an art form for me. And yet, I struggle with cooking. As a result of my love for food, I’ve packed on the pounds–a lot of pounds. I’m 222 lbs. as of today. I didn’t care much because I was blissfully enjoying my relationship with food. And it was a relationship– it was there when I was happy, sad, stressed, and lonely. I am an emotional eater.

8fit app

Unfortunately, my lack of boundaries around food has caused some serious health concerns. Stroke, heart disease, and cancer run in my family. It’s time for me to get my act together and start getting healthy. I was sad about it for awhile, I envisioned bland and boring foods and endless treadmill walks. Then, I stumbled across a fitness app one day while watching YouTube. The woman explained that the app gave a free trial period and provided food suggestions and exercises that you can do in short spurts without equipment. I thought, “Hey, that’s up my alley– short exercise…” LOL! So, I installed the app on my phone. The app is 8fit.

I followed the set up prompts and created my exercise plan. I was pretty excited about this section because my plan gives me 9 minute stints of exercise I can do without the need of any equipment. That is perfect for me! It’s usually the exercise part that I fail at miserably but I can do 9 minutes!

Screenshot_20170629-121702I took a look at the meal section and was very happy to see you can customize the meal plan to your dietary needs (for example, I’m lactose intolerant and I can remove any recipes with milk and cheese).  Plus, the meals look good! I can work with these recipes and make delicious and interesting food. There is also a section for habits. This sections keeps track of your sessions. It also has a Yoga addition and offers a way to connect with other apps to integrate step tracking. I connected my Google Fit app and it works great.

I was so excited about this app! I got everything set up in the Pro Version which is fee based but so reasonable at $5/month I thought it was worth it. $60/year to lose weight I’ve been struggling with for literally decades was a no brainer for me. I got my husband signed up, too! So, now we are going to do this together AND I’m going to blog about it– every Wednesday. I’ll share my weight loss, experience, how I tweaked the food recipes, and the cool stuff this app offers, because I haven’t even told you half of what it can do and what it offers. So, follow me– share your recipe suggestions, try the free version if you like, and friend me on the app and we can motivate each other to keep going!

Take a look at one of the meal options I made for Tim and I for lunch today.


I converted the black bean tacos into a burrito (same calories just a different construction). I made a few adjustments to the recipe by adding a minced garlic clove, cilantro, a hot pepper from my garden, and some lime juice. I didn’t have black beans, so I used pinto beans. I also removed the cheese. In the end, it was delicious!

If you decide to sign up for the app, please consider using this link— 8fit has allowed me to use their Pro version during my weight loss journey and it helps 8fit track where people are coming from. I am not an affiliate, I just love this app!

Stay tuned for my progress and recipes and let’s have some fun getting healthy!

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