Sheboygan, Wisconsin by the Lake

I’m Back and Ready to Cook!

What a crazy couple of months! I’m so sorry for the lag but we went through a world wind move from Chicago, Illinois to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Talk about a culture shock! We now live in a very small town.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin by the Lake
Sheboygan, Wisconsin by the Lake. Image by Courtney Brobst

We purchased a fixer-upper and because of this and some very generous help from family members, we are officially mortgage free. We have a lot of work ahead but it will be a labor of love.

My plan for the blog will be to write twice a week. One post will be on my weight loss journey (I’m still the same but I haven’t focused on it at all, so there is no surprise there!) and my second post will be exploring culinary curiosities and recipes from around the world. And I have to say, December is a great month to delve into both of these topics.

Along the way, I may add some bonus material when we do updates to the house– especially when we start working on the kitchen!


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